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Meditation of the Month

“Will” represents “…the mental powers manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending; a disposition to act according to principles or ends; power of controlling one’s own actions….”*

*By permission. From Merriam-Webster’s Desk Dictionary ©1995 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, at

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, p. 97.

I have heard it said that my “will” is my mind. Step 3 is about making a decision to turn my will – my mind – over to the care of a God of my own understanding. I used to be baffled about how to do that. Later it dawned on me that when I turn something over to a human being I tell them what’s on my mind. In the same way when I turn something over to the care of God I tell God what’s on my mind. All of it, holding back nothing.

The main way I practice this is through journaling. I let it all out and write down what is on my mind. Then I give it to God. As a symbol of letting go I sometimes send an email to a separate address that I use for recovery.

As I take the time to write out what I am holding inside, my intimacy with God and self increases. This practice has made me realize that God and I are not as far apart as I thought we were. We are as close as an email.


Thought for the Day:

For today am I willing to choose for myself whether to let a God of my own understanding into my mind or not?


Submitted by SKB.
Copyright © 2017 by Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous


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